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2008-12-27 13:00:59 by ghostflames

THATS, RIGHT !!! This is a free chat ! Lets see how many comments it can get ? This is for amusement purposes so... one word posts, spam, or eaven those like "i was here" are allowed !!! Now start post'n !!! Everyone who's passi'n through here and reading this right now, leave a comment !!!

LOL, what a retard !!! UPDATE !!!

2008-12-24 14:04:30 by ghostflames

Post has been moved to a forum where it will get more attention, PM me if u want to read it, its fucking worth it !!!

The hoverboard collab :)

2008-12-21 04:42:11 by ghostflames

Yeah, well this is a collab some people organised on the DD forums and i joined, it truned out great, i didnt have time to make an entry of my own, but i did help lerky, we entered with a joint, u can see the whole collab here -


2008-11-08 10:41:30 by ghostflames

YES, a new compilation of my various and random ongoing pivots, check it ! -

Edit: Got Daily Sixth too :)


2008-10-16 15:19:50 by ghostflames

Thats right, bishes ! A new submission ! Its called "Da Shield Mastah" its just some dude killin' pplz, maybe its gonna be an unconnected series with some guy randomly killin' pplz... oh, right ! the link -

Samurai Training Session ot in other words WOOT A NEW SUBMISSION

2008-09-01 06:31:04 by ghostflames

Hi everyone, so twas chillinn thro da hood when i noticed my pimp cane was straight up, wack G ?
LOL, i mean i got a new submission *Yay* its called Samurai Training and its short its just a test of my animating skills and probably the first episode of my new series... wich will probably be left with one episode :D... oh yah i almost forgot, here's what the big deal is about -

The Secret of Bravery ?

2008-08-18 15:37:56 by ghostflames

What is the secret of bravery ? Find out in my latest submission (short) -
(watch it, you know u want to :P )

Woot !!! A new submission !!!1!

2008-08-17 15:00:31 by ghostflames

DISCALMER: A LOT OF READING (buckle up cowboy)

Yo i just released my new animation - Red Stickman Killing Spree !!! Here is some shit about it:
Actualy i first submitted it on clock day and it got a 4.5 score then i was lowered to 3.71, anywayz it only had one review and its because on clock day the chances of something getting blammed are 1 to a milion everyone submits crap every second and in result it had a high score, but no interesting reviews so i can see what people think about it so technicly i submitted it again. The first original one was "Killing Spree" -
but as i said i have no use for it ( i did keep it, though - because of the high score :P ) so i uploaded it again only with a diferent audio in it and not on clock day, so people had time to see it, it would stay on the front page "latest 20" and i will get helpfull reviews. This time it's "Red Stick Killing Spree" -
although it didnt get many reviews most of them were actually helpfull for a change !?! Anyway its just one of those uuumm, you know - plotless mass kiling with no point and a lot of blood (watch it, i know u want to). It's called red stick cuz the animation is with stickfigure's and the main character is me *lol* as in my username is ghostflames and i like flames and stuff and thats why i use mostly red for my characters :)

I r Smexy ?

2008-07-22 13:25:32 by ghostflames

Discus fools !

- yah i stole this post from ape4 :P

Woot ! A new submission !

2008-06-30 17:14:46 by ghostflames

Hi everyone i just made a castle series tribute (aaa big deal...) -
- enjoy :)