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The Secret of Bravery ?

2008-08-18 15:37:56 by ghostflames

What is the secret of bravery ? Find out in my latest submission (short) -
(watch it, you know u want to :P )


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2008-08-21 00:37:29



2008-08-21 04:45:00

you have improved sincethe madness half life flash, keep it up, also, would you mind readin the review i posted on the halflife flash? cause i actually put some thought into it.

ghostflames responds:

It was helpfull, i dont see why u had to give me a "3" though T_T


2008-08-21 17:31:48

The secret to bravery is eating frozen potatoes that are covered by butterfly sprinkels and sing the national anthem with a spoon flavored toaster during the warmest day in a highschool locker room!

(Updated ) ghostflames responds:

Holly *****************


2008-08-22 02:24:23

yea, sorry for the three but hey it wasent that good, neither was mine, i was expecting like a 2 from you? you can check my repsons to that if you want the full story, but other than that thanks for the GUN-DAMAGE thing (someone told me to increase gun force, guese i overdid that lol)

ghostflames responds:

NP i thought abou giving u a 3 too to get it back, but im not that kind of person


2008-08-23 15:59:11

Hey man! Make a new post!

ghostflames responds:



2008-08-23 20:37:01

Alright muther fucker make a new post NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ghostflames responds:



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