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Woot ! A new submission !

2008-06-30 17:14:46 by ghostflames

Hi everyone i just made a castle series tribute (aaa big deal...) -
- enjoy :)


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2008-07-04 12:26:04

you are such a good dude men You cross the line with good animations stop it pls let me win you

(Updated ) ghostflames responds:

dude you should learn english u know dat ? And stop saying im so good cuz im not and its emberassing...


2008-07-14 15:23:43

So when's your next project coming out? That castle tribute was looking mighty fine BTW.

ghostflames responds:

oh u liked it ? thnx =)


2008-07-19 16:42:24

saw it. It was pretty cool. I thinking of adding it to my faves.

ghostflames responds:

ur welcome =)


2008-07-24 05:30:49

I am better english men from u u r such a thin weak but big dude :D fuck ya

ghostflames responds:

lol and u say ur better at english than me ? dude ur emberassing urself when people read that XD