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Woot !!! A new submission !!!1!

2008-08-17 15:00:31 by ghostflames

DISCALMER: A LOT OF READING (buckle up cowboy)

Yo i just released my new animation - Red Stickman Killing Spree !!! Here is some shit about it:
Actualy i first submitted it on clock day and it got a 4.5 score then i was lowered to 3.71, anywayz it only had one review and its because on clock day the chances of something getting blammed are 1 to a milion everyone submits crap every second and in result it had a high score, but no interesting reviews so i can see what people think about it so technicly i submitted it again. The first original one was "Killing Spree" -
but as i said i have no use for it ( i did keep it, though - because of the high score :P ) so i uploaded it again only with a diferent audio in it and not on clock day, so people had time to see it, it would stay on the front page "latest 20" and i will get helpfull reviews. This time it's "Red Stick Killing Spree" -
although it didnt get many reviews most of them were actually helpfull for a change !?! Anyway its just one of those uuumm, you know - plotless mass kiling with no point and a lot of blood (watch it, i know u want to). It's called red stick cuz the animation is with stickfigure's and the main character is me *lol* as in my username is ghostflames and i like flames and stuff and thats why i use mostly red for my characters :)


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2008-08-24 23:25:31 the ONLY ONE who commented,!